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How to Cover Roots between Color Appointments

Grey hair seems to grow in so fast and sometimes we can't stop life because we don't like the way our hair looks so I have put together my top tricks & products for covering your roots between hair appointments!

Before I get into how to cover your roots between color I want to explain to you why any hairdresser you meet will tell you how bad box color is. Spoiler alert, it's not because we're trying to make more money. Between all of the brands on the market box dye is the lowest of low & a one size fits all approach which can't be relied on.

When I mix color in the salon I combine a customized blend for each guest. No two client's formulas are the same. Factors such as natural hair color, underlying pigment, texture, porosity, percentage of gray & desired color are all taken into consideration when formulating what I want to apply to your hair. You can't get that from a box.

Since box dye is one size fits all the peroxide & ammonia content are extra high so that it's more likely to at least nudge any hair type it's applied to. Put simply, box dye is damaging. On top of being damaging it is harder to get a precise application when applying it to your own head. It is easier to overlap color which creates a miscolored band causing even further damage.

Ok I think you get the point so I'm going to get on with it. Here are some tips of what you can do to help conceal your regrowth between color appointments. Just follow the links to purchase items & have them shipped right to your door.

1. Style with Volume or Tease

People that style their hair with more volume tend to not see their regrowth as much. The height of your hair hides the hair closest to your scalp. Teasing helps keep the volume from falling & brings some previously colored hair to the root so there's not such a contrast. Teasing brushes are especially helpful.

2. Zig Zag Part

If it's just been a few weeks you can switch up your part to hide your roots. A zig zag part works especially well. You can use the end of the teasing brush I linked above to make it easy. It doesn't have to be a perfect zig zag. Just so your part isn't perfectly straight.

3. Root Spray

My favorite brand of root spray is Style Edit Their colors seem to blend nicely with almost any hair color. Just shake & spray wherever you want. I think it's best used for your part. The hairline can be a little tricky with this since it's a spray. I would hold a tissue by your face to avoid getting it on your skin.

4. Pencil

If you don't like the idea of a spray try the Style Edit Stick. You'll have a little more control. This works great for around the hairline & by your ears where most people notice regrowth first.

5. Powder

Powder is good if you're not looking for as much coverage. It doesn't have the same opacity as other products but will help to fill in thinning hair so you can't see your scalp as much. I like Color WOW because it comes in a compact easy for travel & has a pretty wide range of colors.

6. Mascara

Last but not least if you're in a pinch you can use mascara. If your hair is dark brown or black mascara can blend nicely. With brown hair you'll want brown mascara. If your mascara isn't a close enough match to your hair but you like the idea of using the wand try out something like Boyd's Hair Mascara.

None of these products are made to be slept in. If you do happen to wear any of these to bed make sure that you use an old pillowcase especially if you plan to wear around your hairline. Root concealers are made to stay in place & not run but are not intended to be rubbed against of touched frequently.

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