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How to Keep Your Hair Blonde AF

Keeping your blonde hair bright between appointments can be frustrating. Toners tend to fade quick and it's just more maintenance in general. If you get overwhelmed by maintaining your color and want to keep you hair blonde AF between appointments than keep reading for easy to follow steps & links to purchase products.

1. Wash Less

Each time you wash your hair toner will fade. It's inevitable. An easy way to prevent this from happening is to use dry shampoo to prolong time between washes. Luckily blonde hair is usually more porous meaning it will soak up more oil as your scalp produces it. Brush your hair really well first then apply Eleven Australia's dry shampoo at your roots where you get the most oily.

2. Use High Quality Shampoo

Sulfate free, color safe shampoo will help keep your color longer. A more gentile formula won't strip your hair & will keep your toner brighter for longer.

3. Cool Rinse

Cool water helps seal your hair cuticle resulting in shinier hair. It also seals your color in better for lasting results. On the contrary hot water opens your cuticle allowing color to fade out faster.

4. Purple Shampoo

Use a purple or blue shampoo about every third wash. Tinted shampoo will lightly deposit color on your hair to keep yellow tones away. All of my blondes rave about Eleven Australia's Keep Me Blonde Shampoo and Conditioner. Most stylists recommend using a toning shampoo and conditioner once a week but for those that only wash their hair once a week I like to say every third wash.

5. Tone At Home

If the purple shampoo isn't cutting it and you need something with a little more punch or if you like to stretch time between your appointments try an at home toning treatment. I like Clenditioner. This toning treatment is hydrating and helps kick brass to the curb. Get platinum if you're a lighter blonde that fades yellow and silver if your hair tends to fade more on the orange side. I've also had clients have good luck with the Overtone brand.

6. SPF

Who knew that there was SPF for your hair?! There are so many factors that go into why color can fade and one of those factors is the sun along with other outdoor elements. Now, you can't just put normal SPF on your hair and expect it to be the same. Normal SPF will make your hair greasy and can actually discolor your hair, especially if you have extensions. Instead spray in Keune So Pure Color Care Leave In Spray or Keune Color Brillianz Conditioning Spray. These will help hydrate and protect your hair from the summer sun.

7. Sine It Up

Using a shine spray will help your hair reflect light making it appear ore bright and vibrant. My favorite is Eleven Australia's Make Me Shine Spray Gloss. You can also use Smooth & Shine Anti Frizz Serum to smooth flyaway hairs and amp up shine.

With these tips and tools you should be on your way to restoring your blonde back to the vibrant color you love!

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