Salon Quality Blowout at Home

1. Prep clean hair with leave in conditioner & your choice of styling product. I like smoothing cream to tame the frizz from my naturally wavy hair. Here I'm using Keune Leave In Conditioner & LOMA Calming Cream

2. Start by rough drying your hair until it feels almost completely dry. Be sure to aim the blow dryer from root to ends. This will help smooth your hair cuticle reducing frizz. Also be sure to work on styling your fringe or any trouble area first. Once hair starts to dry it starts to hold the shape it's in. If you start there first you'll have better control over your style.

3. Section your hair & start round brushing with the Hot Tools One Step Blowout Styler. Always start at the root & work your way down. Over direct your hair or hold at a higher angle to create more lift. Another popular brand is the Revlon One Step Hair Dryer.

4. Once you let down the rest of your hair start directing your fringe & the hair around your face until it starts laying how you want. Make sure you don't over style or get too nit picky. Obsessing over having it lay perfect can cause heat damage.

5. To get the most volume at your crown start at the root & pull your hair towards the front of your head.

6. Spin your round brush through your ends to turn them under or create a little more of a flip if you have shorter hair.

Now enjoy your nice clean hair with nowhere to go! Once this quarantine is over I'll be getting a trim & putting my extensions back in for sure! These pictures were captured from a video I posted on my Instagram (explains why they're so blurry). I hope you enjoyed this post & have a better idea on how to properly blowout your hair. You can see the full video here.

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