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Extension  Care  Guide

  • Always use professional products purchased from a salon. This will lengthen the life of your hair. Extension hair goes through a lot of processing at the factory and is fragile. They dry out very easily when you're not keeping them properly hydrated with quality products. I carry everything you need to keep your hair looking & feeling it's best!

  • Only wash your hair once or twice a week. Too much washing will strip & dry out your extensions. You'll be surprised how much longer you can go between washes with extensions in. They tend to absorb excess oils & hold a style longer.

  • Shampoo your scalp, condition your ends. This helps save on product & prevents conditioner getting too close to your scalp which can cause slipping. When your wefts slip you'll need to come in for a move up sooner then necessary.

  • Dry hair thoroughly especially by the wefts. Never let your hair air dry. If you're not thoroughly drying your hair it will unravel the hand tied wefts causing hair to start coming out of the top. If this happens we will not be able to reuse the damaged weft & will have to replace it.

  • Keep styling products away from your scalp to avoid buildup. Buildup will cause your natural hair that has shed to mat up above the bead causing dread like tangles.

  • Apply oil to your ends on dry hair once a day. This helps keep your hair hydrated & shiny. I like to do this in the morning on non wash days.

  • Brush your hair often. At least once every morning & night. Start at the bottom using a detangling brush. Always hold hair above where you are brushing to avoid excess pulling at your weft/scalp. Unlike other extension methods you need to be brushing to the root over the wefts. Remember to also brush underneath where tangles can hide.

  • Sleep with hair in braids or on top of your head. No sloppy messy buns that create tangles. Just loop your hair through a loose scrunchie.

  • Don't wear your hair in tight styles such as sleek ponytails. This puts tensions on your scalp and can cause irritation.

  • Chlorine & salt water are big NO NOs. This type of water will dehydrate your extension hair causing tangles, matting & possible discoloration. Avoid submerging your hair in these types of water.

  • Don't get sunscreen in your hair. Specifically sunscreen with the ingredient Avobenzone. This will turn blonde & light colored extensions any shade between orange & pink.

Most   importantly,  enjoy  your  new  hair!

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