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Step 1: After clicking the link to book you will be directed to my online schedule. Choose your desired service from the drop down menu. Here you can also be added to my waiting list.


Step 2: Choose a date & time available that works best with your schedule. My hours are listed on my website on the contact page.

Step 3: After you select a date you'll be prompted to either log in or create an account. If you've used a Salon Lofts booking system in the past than log in to your account. If not, select "register here".


Step 4:  Fill in all information. Please be sure to use your cell phone and up to date email. I promise you will not be bombarded with excessive content or spam. This is to ensure you receive your confirmations & reminders. This also allows me to contact you when necessary.

Step 5:  Here Salon Lofts wants to know how you found me. They take a comission on your first visit if you found me through THEIR website only. If you found me through my personal website, Instagram or were referred by someone you know please be sure you do NOT select the 2nd option of finding me through "this" website. Any other option is fine.


Step 6:  You did it! I will get a text notifying me that you scheduled the appointment. But you're not quite done yet..

Step 7: Don't forget to go to your App Store to download the free Salon Lofts app. Once you log in you can easily access all your past & future appointments.


This is a screenshot from my own SL app. Here you will be able to reschedule with ease by selecting book again (if you're needing the same service). You can also easily cancel or reschedule if needed. Be sure to read my cancellation policy and reschedule more than 24 hours in advance.

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