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Postpartum Hair Loss

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

I've decided to make this one of my first blog posts because as I write this EIGHT of my friends have recently had babies. They currently range from eight months old to just two weeks! Most of them are nurses so they know whats up but it just feels like good timing for a post like this. It sometimes amazes me how many women are unaware that this is such a common side effect after giving birth. Often times when my clients become new moms they come in to their appointment in a panic over the hair they leave all over the house. They think they're going bald & that this is just life now! If this is you don't freak out. Although unfortunate that it seems women have to go through all of the big, life changing body metamorphosis, postpartum hair loss is super common.

Ever notice that pregnant women have the best hair of their lives? Even if they're naturally more thin & fine they're hair seems to thicken up & have more luster & shine than ever. Part of that is from the supplements they take to support their body while they're growing a human. NBD. The other reason is because when they're pregnant they're body produces so much more estrogen & progesterone which causes hair to remain in an ongoing growth stage. Then after giving birth hormone levels slowly start to go back to normal which causes the excess hair to fall out. The hair loss women experience has nothing to do with breastfeeding.

Rest assured that postpartum hair loss is both common & temporary. Each person and pregnancy is different but the important thing is that it's hair & it grows back. Typically hair will start to shed 3-4 months after giving birth mainly around your hairline (it WOULD be in the most noticeable spot).. It's normal to lose about 80-100 strands of hair a day but after having a baby you can shed about 400 hairs a day. By 6-8 months postpartum your hair should slow back down to pre pregnancy amounts. If you feel like your shedding isn't slowing down there may be some other health concerns you will need to face. It is common for pregnancy to throw your thyroid off & lower your ferritin levels so make sure you tell your doctor & ask them to run the proper blood tests.

To help your body through this stage of postpartum continue taking your prenatal vitamins even if you're not breastfeeding. This will make sure you're getting enough iron, ferritin, zinc & vitamin D. Eat a healthy, well rounded diet with plenty of protein.

If you thought it was bad when your hair was falling out wait until it starts growing back.. Baby hairs will sprout around your face giving you flashbacks to your worst childhood haircut. This is where you must continue nourishing your body but get crafty with how you style your hair. THAT'S where I come in! Try parting your hair differently or use headbands & pretty clips. If you were in my chair I would talk you out of chopping your hair into a pixie to "even it out". You just gotta ride it out. They will catch up & everything will be just fine. And no, you don't "need bangs".

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